Duality Illusion

It’s time to set sail
For life beyond the veil
Hop on the monorail
Love will never fail

Duality illusion
Divided and conquered in fear
Reality infusion
Pierce the veil with me my dear

Resistance is within us
Waiting for a savior
Distracted from our neighbours
The fear inside our guts

Consciousness infiltration
Etheric parasites (tears in my eyes)
Unacknowledged obfuscation
The Event is always ever nigh
Never today, never tomorrow
False prophecy rings hollow
Show me the way (so you say)
Show me today (forever stay)
Moving the goalposts further away

Scalar waves can’t penetrate
The love within my heart
Now’s the time and we can’t wait
We’ll never be apart
Let’s make a new start

Living my truth
It might seem uncouth
I’m standing alone
Like undercover sleuths
They’re farming out your loosh
Forgive and atone
Feel the Source tone

All the hapless middlemen (hellbent)
Selling lies and confusion (delusion)
Maintaining this illusion (seclusion)
Gotta pay the rent (I’m spent)

Death is a facade
Now I’m a lightning rod
Shattering the Matrix
It’s all a bunch of human tricks


Author: onemanchanging

I'm changing my world, one love at a time. Exit the Matrix, and start loving today!

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