Raw Deal

Masses fed on bread and lies
The dreams within our hearts
Never to be realized
Sleeping behind the wheel of life
Until the day we rise
Until the day we rise
Until the day we rise

Ignorance is bliss
Or so we seem to believe
Those who scheme to bereave
With magic words they weave
Like a tapestry
Oh the papistry
Oh the papistry
Oh the papistry

With a malicious sneer
The priest and the king and the profiteer
Always turning peer on peer
Selling pain and fear (weapons gear)
From stone to spear to atomic bomb
How could we let things go so wrong?
It goes on and on and on
Now we’re breaking the cycle
With our song

Enslaved in debt to a central bank
Depraved in heart with (((you))) to thank
Only saved are those with higher rank
The rest of us?
Walk the plank
Your son and daughter?
Cannon fodder
Beware the marauder

Mind control is hard to break
The culture prescribed is harder to take
Media madness obscuring what’s real
Influencing what we think and feel
It’s a raw deal

Bow before me
Down you kneel
Kiss the ring
Your soul is sealed


Duality Illusion

It’s time to set sail
For life beyond the veil
Hop on the monorail
Love will never fail

Duality illusion
Divided and conquered in fear
Reality infusion
Pierce the veil with me my dear

Resistance is within us
Waiting for a savior
Distracted from our neighbours
The fear inside our guts

Consciousness infiltration
Etheric parasites (tears in my eyes)
Unacknowledged obfuscation
The Event is always ever nigh
Never today, never tomorrow
False prophecy rings hollow
Show me the way (so you say)
Show me today (forever stay)
Moving the goalposts further away

Scalar waves can’t penetrate
The love within my heart
Now’s the time and we can’t wait
We’ll never be apart
Let’s make a new start

Living my truth
It might seem uncouth
I’m standing alone
Like undercover sleuths
They’re farming out your loosh
Forgive and atone
Feel the Source tone

All the hapless middlemen (hellbent)
Selling lies and confusion (delusion)
Maintaining this illusion (seclusion)
Gotta pay the rent (I’m spent)

Death is a facade
Now I’m a lightning rod
Shattering the Matrix
It’s all a bunch of human tricks

The Irishman

Waking up to the commotion on a sinking ship
I See the filthy unswabbed deck
I See the bow begin to tip
Down into the vast blue ocean
Rivets popping, metal rending
How can I protect you
When I’m saving my own neck?
Never stopping, neverending
Stare into the stars tonight
Feel the emotion
Breathe in the light
I’m not leaving without you
How could anyone miss you
When you’re shining so bright?

This vessel’s full of holes
Reality is leaking in
It’s time to play our roles
Nobody needs a Sheikh or King
We can all be heroes
That’s the secret everybody knows

The Irishman sank the Titanic
On St Patrick’s Day
So the prophecy once told
Could one man be so bold?
Garrisons of war are empty
Plunged into the Atlantic
Our soul will find a way
Love is automatic

Waking up in confusion on a hospital bed
It was all a delusion
I’m lucky I’m not dead
The medicine is helping
It’s all inside my head
The Titanic Matrix
It still lives on they said
Tyranny and war
It’s all inside my head
So the prophet said

Pull the wool over my eyes
Put me back in the cage
Tell me pretty little lies
Keep me off the stage
Give me something to believe in
More money will make me a powerful mage
Sell me the illusion
Silence me when my soul cries

Built by honest Irishmen
Sunk by the Crown
With the flick of a pen
When will the tyranny end?
Drifting to shore
Kissing the ground
I’ll always be sure
When you’re around
From where I’m looking
This ship’s run aground

Knock down your castles
Fill in your moats
Don’t make any hassles
We’ve got plenty of lifeboats

The Irishman